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Your website needs to be visually appealing as well as functional. This will deliver a good first and overall impression to your clients and prospects.

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Your online store will deliver products directly to your clients. Accecpt payments by PayPal, Credit Card & EFT.

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Online Advertising

Google Facebook Marketing

Send your news letters to clients and prospects. Our email servers handle hundreds of thousands of email daily with indepth reporting on delivery.

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Network Advertising

Exposing your brand to over 480 000 members of a targeted advertising network. Extremely affordable and trackable to ensure maximum exposure for your advertising budget.

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Graphic Design

Need marketing material to attract clients an prospects? From small scale print design to large format billboard print designs. All designs will be created according to your specific needs.

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Logo Design

Your company logo is the pinnacle point of your corporate identity. Keeping your logo simple yet interesting and appealing will help you build a memorable brand.

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Audio Visual Production & Advertising

Corporate Video Production

Low cost Promotional and Training video production delivers your message through a dynamic medium to which your audience has become accustomed.

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Advertising Rates

Buying power through all major radio, TV and pring media allows us to receive discounted pricing. This gives you the opportunity to advertise on mass media at reduced rates.

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Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing

Send your news letters to clients and prospects. Our email servers handle hundreds of thousands of email daily with indepth reporting on delivery.

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Email Design

Deliver captivating emails that represent a professional image of your brand. Our email designes are customised to suit your corporate identity giving your emails a sence of fimilarity to your clients and prospects.

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Constant Contact Management

Automated Client Contact

Following up with clients is a vital step in increassing the lifetime value of you clients as it lets them know that you care and appreciate your business.

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Lead Nurturing On Autopilot

Contacting your leads keeps them actively in your sales funnel and nurtures your relationship until they are ready to buy from you.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation Magnets

Need marketing material to attract clients an prospects? From small scale print design to large format billboard print designs. All designs will be created according to your specific needs.

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Telesales Lead Generation

Leverage the power of our managed call centre. Booking you appointments with fresh leads based on scripts compiled to represent your business.

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Database Procurement

Finding the right leads are vital to the success to any marketing and sales campaign. We will facilitate the procurement of the list that is right for your business.

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List Rental

Our business list consists of 500 000 leads of active buyers throughout South Africa. We promote your business to this list through our rental offering.

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How to Easily Earn More Online Reviews for Your Business (and Why It Matters)

It’s clear that every company wants to have a good amount of positive reviews, but companies in certain industries—usually anything aside from the service or food industry—often put them on the backburner. Sure they’re great, but they haven’t always been a priority. In the past you could get by with just having a review here and there whenever someone felt like saying something nice (or not so nice) about your business, but this upcoming year it’s going to be important that you really give your clients/customers a chance to leave an online review. It will be as much your job as it is theirs.

Based on many of the changes Google made last year, it’s clear that they are working to move away from keywords and more toward Google+ connections and yes, reviews. As a company owner you need to ask yourself: First, why are reviews so important, and second and most importantly, how can I earn more of them?

A Quick Recap: Why 2014 Marks the Year Reviews Will be Crucial

As discussed above, some of the moves Google made in 2013 have made it obvious that reviews are becoming more important. This upcoming year you will have different options regarding reviews than you’ve ever had before. Below are the two biggest changes we saw this year, along with a link to a full article on the topic:

  • Shared Endorsements. This isn’t in full swing just yet, but the idea is that Google will show reviews that came from those in your Google+ circles. If you searched for something and someone in your circles had reviewed something similar, that will show up right there on the SERP.
  • Review Extensions. This new feature allows marketers to feature a 67-character review that will show up right there on the SERP under an AdWords listing. Visit the Ad Extensions tab in your AdWords account and you’re all set.

Of course, other types of reviews and places you’ll find reviews, such as Yelp and Google+ are still incredibly important. The Google Knowledge Graph is only getting bigger, and reviews are a big part of that and how information is shown. If you type a major company name or a very general question into Google, you will see on the right hand side of the SERP a lot of basic information that jumps off the page, and reviews are included.

We went into great detail about these changes and why they matter in this article on Vertical Measures; so definitely check it out if you want to learn more about some of these new updates and why they matter.

Tips and Tricks to Earning More Positive Online Reviews

As mentioned in the first section, earning positive reviews isn’t entirely out of your hands. There are things you can do to make sure that you’re getting all the reviews you can. Below are some of these crucial tips:

  1. Talk with your loyal customers, face to face or through a personal email message, about leaving a review.
  2. Put a button on your website or   
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Virtual Marketing Department (VMD) is a full service marketing firm located in Johannesburg South Africa.


We will provide your business with an entire team of creative professionals to help you develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy for less than you would pay one full time marketing person!

Our staff includes project managers, designers, writers, proof readers creatives and web developers.

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For a flat monthly fee, and a discounted hourly rate, we will:

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We are like an extension of your staff complement, located in another building. We get to know your company, staff, and goals, and work in tandem with you to achieve them.


We provide a full range of design and marketing services, including website development, brochure design, graphic design, and internet marketing. We can help you monitor your web stats, maintain your website, manage advertising campaigns, research PR opportunities, and take the implementation headache away from you!

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